TRANS-COIL, INC. - Performance and Protection for Drives
Trans-Coil is the leading provider of perpherals for AC and DC drives. Their products include line reactors, harmonic trap filters, drive output filters, tuning reactors, RFI filters, multi-pulse transformers, harmonic analyzer software and other high quality products that increase the value and improve the overall system performance of power inverters.

We carry the following line of Trans-Coil products
KDR Optimized Drive Reactors

TCI KDR series three phase AC line reactors are intended for use as input filters for adjustable speed DC drives and as input or output filters for AC-PWM variable frequency drives. Drive performance is significantly improved, the drives input rectifier is protected from failure or damage, and drive harmonic demands are tamed with the addition of a K-rated line reactor. KDR line reactors act as interface buffers between solid state power circuits and the line or the motor. Brochure

Din Rail Drive Reactors

Easy Installation, Superior Performance

  • For smaller applications incorporate DIN Rail Drive Reactors to the input and output of PWM drives.
  • Due to reactor sizes varying based on rated voltage and impedance, refer to the selection charts for available product sizes.
  • Reduce your installation time and cost using our DIN Rail Drive Reactor compatible with any 35mm DIN Rail.
  • Mounts to “Standard Steel High Profile” or “Heavy Duty Steel” DIN Rails.
  • Reactor mounts horizontally on horizontal DIN Rail.
  • Improve organization of reactors and their cabling.

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KLC Drive Output Filters

TCI dV/dTGuard KLC output filters are designed for applications with long leads (between 50 and 3,000 feet) between IGBT- (and Bipolar) switched variable frequency drives and motors. Typical installations include deep wells, process lines, and conveyor systems. Brochure

KMC MotorGuard Output Filters

The MotorGuard High Performance Output Filter has been designed to be installed at the output terminals of PWM devices. The KMG filter converts the PWM wave form to a near sinusoidal wave form, allowing sensitive applications to take advantage of the efficiencies and savings that PWM output power supplies offer. Brochure

HarmonicGuard® Series Drive-Applied Filter

HG7 Drive-Applied Harmonic Filters (series LC passive filters), when applied at the drive, provide a low impedance path for the major harmonic currents demanded by the drive. This greatly reduces the amount of harmonic current flowing through the distribution system and results in improved power factor, lower RMS currents, lower harmonic current distortion, lower harmonic voltage distortion, and increased system capacity. In a typical industrial facility, where one-half or more of the load may be non-linear loads, resulting distortion may cause sensitive equipment to fail. In commercial/municipal buildings, meeting IEEE-519, 1992 is often a critical requirement of power distribution systems.


Limited to 7% Distortion

  • Typical results of 5 - 6% TDD

Superior Performance at 100% and 50% Load

  • THD levels are consistently held low
  • 100 HP at 100% = 5.8% TDD; 50% = 7.6%

High Quality Capacitors

  • Designed, built and tested specifically for use in harmonically rich environments

Easy Installation

  • Fits easily into motor control centers
  • Ships ready to install

Uninterrupted Operation

  • The drive continues to operate in the event of an HG7 shut-down

Flexible Options

  • Power Monitor Option
  • Component Package Option

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HarmonicGuard Harmonic Trap Filters

HarmonicGuard drive-applied harmonic filters are used where drives are or will be installed, and harmonic reduction is necessary. Prime candidates for filtering are installations of variable frequency drives or adjustable speed devices in facilities where those drives represent a significant portion of the load, or when specifications call for limited harmonics (like IEEE 519, 1992). Filtering would also benefit any application that utilizes sensitive electronic equipment that may be susceptible to harmonic distortion, such as capacitors, control devices, motors, etc. Brochure

TCI ANALYZER Version 2.0

TCI Analyzer provides accurate estimations of current and voltage harmonic distortion under varying supply and filtering conditions. It allows you to conveniently estimate harmonics, and to make good and safe decisions about installing variable frequency drives. download the file Analyzer-2.0c.exe

K-Series RFI Filters

AC Drives rely upon three phase RFI power line filters from TCI, because they provide effective EMC solutions up to 600A at 600VAC. RFI filters are integral components in power systems utilizing drives where high frequency noise should be held to a minimum. RFI Filtering would also benefit any application that utilizes sensitive electronic equipment that may be susceptible to interference, such as radios, computers, control devices, radar, sonar, etc. RFI filters will assist in system CE compliance.

KCAP Capacitors

TCI High Endurance Capacitors are intended for use in electrical environments that are rich in harmonic content due to non-linear loads. Some applications include factories and plants with a large numbers of variable frequency drives and/or DC drives, waste water treatment plants, pumping stations, facilities that co-generate power, and power consumers that are incurring penalties for poor power factor.

KTR Reactors

CAPGuard KTR tuning reactors are designed to be used in conjunction with power factor correction capacitors whenever nonlinear loads are present. Tuning reactors can be installed with existing power factor correction banks or as part of a new installation. Typical applications include any facility that applies power factor correction capacitors to avoid penalty or to allow for more efficient energy consumption.

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