Wieland Electric...your connection to the future
For more than 90 years, Wieland Electric has offered customers the broadest product range, worldwide approvals, superior designs, unsurpassed quality and custom development capabilities necessary to guarantee the most cost-effective, space-saving and time saving interconnect solutions.
We carry the following line of Wieland Electric products

DIN Rail Mountable Terminal Blocks
The widest array of terminations: Screw, Spring, IDC, Push On and Solder. Narrowest width in the industry to help minimize cabinet space. Ratings up to 325 amps and wire sizes from 22 awg - 350 mcm.

Electro-Mechanical & Solid State Relay Modules
Ultra-thin relays (6.2mm) wide. Output as high as 230 vac at 6 amps. Timer circuits are also available is ultra-thin widths. Input voltages -12 vdc, 24 vdc, 115 vac, and 230 vac. Din rail mounted.
Signal Conditioning & Surge Suppression Modules
Widest range of standard I/O conversions. Multiple methods of isolation to eliminate signal distortions. Switch selectable functions available for flexibility. Three-stage protection in all surge protectors for maximum protection.
Remote Interface Communication Systems
Reduces wiring installation time by 90%. Field-serviceable without disconnecting wires. Compatible with Profibus-DP, DeviceNet, CANopen, Ethernet, and Interbus-S. Highest wiring density of any system on the market.
Power Supplies
Single-phase and Three-phase units. Up to 90% efficiency. Adjustable output voltages (23v - 30v).
Standard & Custom Interface Modules
Largest selection of modules in the industry. Standard are stock with fast turnaround on variations.
Industrial Multipole Connectors
Complete offering to meet customers' requirements. Part numbers clearly marked on all components for easy identification. All gaskets attached to hoods and bases. Screw, crimp, and spring clamp connections. IP 55/65 protection. 3 to 280 pins per Multipole, 5 to 100 amps per pin. Custom marking and coding available.
Wire Management Products
Complete range of duct and accessories to meet wiring applications. Wide variety of sizes and colors available throughout the entire line.
Pluggable PC Board Terminal Strips
3.5 to 10mm spacing in rising cage, top mount, spring clamp, and IDC technology. 2 to 24 pole configurations with single and 2-tier versions.
Modular PC Board Terminal Strips
3.5 to 10mm spacing in rising cage, top mount, spring clamp, and IDC technology. Horizontal, vertical and angled - single, double, triple, and four-tier versions.
Compact Panel Mounted Terminal Strips
KL 16 is the highest density, most cost-effective terminal strip available. 600V version available without spacers; 10 -70 amp ratings up to 12 poles.
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