Torque Systems - Torque_Speed_Position
Torque Systems offers customized, high performance motors and encoders
Servo Motors and Amplifiers - Brush and Brushless
Encoders - both motor mounted and shaft style
Precisions Gearheads
Custom "Parts Sets"
We carry the following line of Torque Systems products
Brush Motors

Offers 5 frame sizes from 2.25" dia. up to 4.5" dia. With torques from 17 oz.-in to 48 lb-in.

Brush Amplifiers

Two models to choose from. A 6/12 amp unit with a variable input voltage from 20-80 VDC and a 12.5/25 amp unit with an input voltage of 40-190 VDC.

Brushless Motors

Offering 5 frame sizes ranging from 2.25" dia. to 5.52" dia. Torques from 10 lb-in to 145 lb-in.

Brushless Amplifiers

Three models to choose from. Two models are trapezoidal design and the other model is a sinusoidal design. Power ratings from 0.6KW to 6.0KW.


Offering 3 types of encoders:

Incremental Shaft encoders Absolute Hollow Shaft encoders Manual Pluse Generator