Digital Devices...Optical Encoders
Digital Devices is a manufacturer of Optical Encoders. The company located in Wilton, NH, manufactures modular, self-aliging, and shaft encoders in instrument or industrial grade.
We carry the following line of Digital Devices products
Modular Encoder - 1500 Series

Factory assembled and pre-aligned for fast trouble free installation
Accomodates 1/4 to 3/8 inch shafts with metric sizes also available.
TTL, CMOS and Line Drivers outputs available.
Resolutions to 1024 ppr.

Modular Encoder - 2100 Series

Factory pre-aligned and ready to install.
Hub sizes 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 5/8.
TTL, CMOS and Line Drive outputs.
Resolution to 2000 ppr.

Modular Encoder - 21SG Series

Self Aligning and Self Gapping thru the use of a gap/cam.
Simple installation. Mount encoder, set the set screw and rotate cam 90° clockwise and your done.
Resolutions to 1024.

Shaft Encoder - 1600 Series

A compact shaft encoder for light industrial applications.
Is offered in either unidirectional or bidirectional models with zero reference.
Cable or Connector terminations.
+5,12,or 15 VDC power supply
Shielded or Sealed Bearings
Resolutions to 1024.


Shaft Encoder - 2000 Series

Has been design to meet OEM requirements for a low cost, self-contained encoder but with same features found in the far more expensive units.
Available in 5, 12, or 15 volts with up to 2000+ ppr.

Industrial Encoder - 2200 Series

Designed for industrial applications such as machine tools, robotics and other harsh environments, offering a rugged cast housing and base sealed against oil, water and dust with stainless steel bearings and shaft.Available in both flange and servo mount.
Resolutions to 1024+ ppr.

Industrial Encoder - 2300 Series

Rugged designe for int industrial market.
Mechanical construction features stainless steel 3/8" shaft which will handle loads to 100 lbs.
Resolutions to 1200 ppr.

Industrial Encoder - 2500 Series

Used in industrial applications where high resolution and high reliability are required while operating in stringent mechanical environments.
Resolutions to 2000+ ppr.

Heavy Duty Encoders

Consist of a heavy duty sealed, Nema 13 enclosure within which an encoder is mounted.
This rugged aluminum enclosure perm;its use of encoders, in applications suchas rolling mill drives, oil well drilling, construction machinery and other equipment where accurate measurement of shaft position and or velocity are essential.
Series 2000 or 2500 encoders can be mounted inside.

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